Training Programme

These programmes include a range of activities like self-introduction, role-play, debates, group discussions, essay writing, anecdote narration etc. These programmes are very effective because of their proven power to transform even the most shy and diffident students and help in instilling in them a new energy and motivation leading to success oriented action.

Personality Development Sessions

Well thought out and systematic conduction of personality development programmes are conducted right fromI year onwards & go on to IV year of the engineering course. These programmes are aimed at empowering budding engineers to enhance their self awareness, emotional maturity, Self motivation, Social values, responsible use of freedom, Personal grooming,Critical thinking , Problem Solving & Self Management Skills.

Interpersonal Skills

A good interaction is maintained all through the course . A strong interpersonal skill management is performed . A weekly session is conducted with students so as to know their status and mental strategies. A good understanding is developed between the students and the faculty in accordance so as to know their abilities .

Wriiten test Guidance

A complete and proper written test guidance is provided for the students in major fields like Arithmentic Aptitude , Verbal and Non-verbal Aptitudes and reasonings . A proper professional training is provided for students for their well being and sucess in interviews during their final year.
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2013 Placements

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